The 20-49 Motor Club was founded in 1967 with Stamford, in Lincolnshire, at its hub.

The Club was the idea of a local man who felt the area could use an organisation dedicated to enthusiasts of older vehicles. From early Club records we can learn that much thought was given to a suitable title for the Club and today we can be thankful that foresight did not limit us to being a “ car club “ the word “ motor “ being carefully chosen. 

Originally the club was entitled The 30-49 Motor Club as it was felt we should not stand on the toes of established vintage car clubs and at the other end scale a 1949 vehicle would only be eighteen years old – quite new enough, it was thought in 1967. However in 1971 the local area section of the VSCC folded and their members were looking for somewhere to meet with like minded people. It was thought we should not turn these people away simply because their cars were “too old “ and so the name was quickly changed to the “ 20-49 “ so the vintage years could be included.

Over forty years on and our boundaries have stretched with our oldest vehicle being an 1899 Locomobile steam car with the other end of the scale generally complying with the DVLA’s “Historic Vehicle” taxation class, currently set at a rolling forty years old.

Whilst it can be said that most of our “ motors “ are indeed cars we are also proud of our huge mix of other forms of vehicles comprising light vans, heavy commercials, buses and coaches, fire engines, military vehicles, tractors and steam traction engines. Collectors rarely have only one vehicle and so we believe that a full list of ALL Club vehicles would probably total 450 to 500 very interesting old vehicles.